Tyler. Texas. I hate my life.
reposting cause i like this picture of myself.

reposting cause i like this picture of myself.




I love when cats do this.

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Linds and I yesterday, at her parents.

Linds and I yesterday, at her parents.








Bundy ranch militia (2014)

wonder if i know anyone here

this is the post i have been waiting for

Lot of saigas though, pretty rad

Harry Reid calls dissident Nevada ranchers ‘domestic terrorists’

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Why are militias always called “terrorists?” If anything they showed their true allegiance.

Terrorist or “freedom fighter” depends on which side you are on.

is that guy seriously wearing a god damn tie with a denim shirt tucked into cargo shorts

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I will never not laugh at this video

my dad’s been deployed to Afghanistan 4 times and he almost pissed himself laughing at this

My favorite vine in gif form. 

it’s so fucking funny especially when it’s not your country that has been completely decimated by a war fought for oil yeah hilarious

Afghanistan is environmentally a desert area! Lets not take the fun out of everything god fucking damn it.

afganistan is a mountianous country in a dry part of the world actually which experiences various extremes of climate and weather. winters in certain parts of the country can be very cold and snowy while the summers are very hot and dry, much like america. there’s a wet season that runs from the middle of the winter until early spring. 

some parts of the country is very dry all year round which means that those parts can be classified within the desert or desert steppe climate classification such as in the lowland deserts of the southwest but the mountains of afghanistan can see snow from october through april depending on the elevation 

so while, yes, areas of afganistan can be classified as ‘a desert area’ it doesn’t give an american solider the right to say all afganistan is, is ‘fucking dirt’ i appreciate and thank the troops for all they do and while i can think the joke he made is funny on a certain level, the armed forces have completely decimated, like i said, whole areas of the country for what? for oil, i’m not putting that on the troops but i am putting it on big business in america, a war zone isn’t a place to make jokes especially when whole entire families and livelihoods and lineages have been wiped out for no good reason besides an oil pipeline that has to pass through the region to give us cheaper oil. 

why were we even in afganistan in the first place? bc that’s where osama bin laden was from? nope he was from saudi arabia along with most of the hijackers who committed the terror attacks on 9/11 

so please, tell me again how i’m ‘taking the fun out of everything’ when people have been dying for 10+ years at the hands of our government for no real reason at all 

Who fucking cares what US soldiers think of land they occupy.


Some of y’all need to chill . .


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